Meet the Founder

Dr. M. T. Conner, Ed.D.

Dr Michael Conner

Founder of Agile Evolutionary Group

Dr. Michael Conner is a trailblazer in the field of education, renowned as the CEO/Founder of the Agile Evolutionary Group and an international award recipient. His storied career spans from Superintendent of Schools to Teacher, with pivotal roles as Chief Academic Officer and Assistant Superintendent. Dr. Conner’s expertise in educational transformation is encapsulated in his innovative Disruptive Effect Model, redefining traditional pedagogical approaches. The Disruptive Effect Model is a framework that drives education entities to underpin science, analytics, and research to transform schools for innovation, excellence, and equity. Through the utility of the model, Dr. Conner’s work has educators domestically and internationally redesigning traditional systems to be future-driven.

The Disruptive Effect Model has been recognized both domestically and internationally with reaching a pinnacle by being awarded the renowned Global Excellence Award. With his advanced credentials in Business Analytics and Management, Innovation, and Technology, Dr. Conner brings a unique skill set to disrupt the education ecosystem in a meaningful manner. His multidisciplinary competencies challenge traditional theories of education which guide transformation using analytics, statistical models, and progressive practices that are outliers in the field of education.

His latest book, “Intentional, Bold, and Unapologetic: A Guide to Transforming Schools in the AC-Stage of Education” released in December 2022, showcases his forward-thinking strategies in educational reform. A lifelong learner, Dr. Conner’s educational odyssey commenced with a Bachelor of Arts from Lasell University and progressed through a Master of Science from the University of Bridgeport, a Sixth Year Diploma from Southern Connecticut State University, and a Doctorate in Education from Cambridge College.

Dr. Conner’s pursuit of excellence is reflected in his completion of the Executive Leadership Program at the University of Connecticut, the Harvard Superintendents Institute, and the prestigious AASA/Howard University National Urban Superintendents Academy. His academic prowess is further highlighted by a Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics from Harvard University and an Advanced Certificate in Management, Innovation, and Technology from MIT, underscoring his unparalleled contribution to the evolution of modern education.