Positive Disruption

When you want different results, you need to think and do things differently. Challenging current pedagogical and instructional leadership practices, we open the doors to a new leadership style that is more culturally relevant, allowing educational organizations to flourish.

Mission Statement

Revolutionize the AC-Stage of Education

Agile Evolutionary Group, Corp., is on a mission to revolutionize the AC-Stage of Education to include sustained growth, promote innovation and future proof. As premiere education and multi-industry strategic advisors we align organizations to the Disruptive Excellence Framework™

The mission of Agile Evolutionary Group, Corp., is to become the premiere education strategist and multi-industry strategic advisor in the world to reimagine systems for sustained innovation and growth in the AC-Stage of Education (After COVID-19). 

We are a corporation that believes in Future Proofing organizations in alignment with the nationally renowned conceptual model – Disruptive Excellence Framework. Agile Evolutionary Group, Corp.’s mission is aligned with the corporation’s Portfolio of Verticals.

Portfolio of Verticals

  1. Research/Development and Innovation 
  2. Industry and Education Technology Firm Partnerships 
  3. Organizational Strategy and Transformative Partnerships 
  4. Global Innovation and World Excellence 
  5. Professional Learning and Leadership Development
  6. Thought Leadership and Lecture/Keynote Series 

How we do it

Driving improvements

Disruptive Effect

The service will work for leaders, leadership teams, and industry/education stakeholders to examine their current operating model/systems/practices for scaled and measured transformation.

DEF Academy

Leaders and/or teams will engage in a cohort style professional learning sequence for eight months focused on strategies, tools, and protocols unwrapping the Disruptive Sciences for large-scale/sustained transformation

What we do

Future proofing

The Agile Evolutionary Group works with learning organizations, non-profits and large private sector industries to identify and implement system changes that will allow these organizations to flourish with the current and future economic demands.

Leaders and teams must look at their organizations differently in today’s volatile markets. We enable leaders to reimagine structures, systems, and cultures for iterative, sustainable innovation and growth. Our disruptive approach cultivates an environment for change.

three steps to success

Future thinking strategies to Promote Excellence

With an objective and visionary mindset we build an agile framework to provide leaders and teams a scientific approach to ground strategy and culture to promote excellence, inclusion, and empowerment for sustainability.


Organizational Diagnostics

Data-driven information and recommendations for innovative/iterative structural and systems change.


Agile Blueprinting

A crowd-based innovation (crowd-sourcing) to develop a lean/iterative strategic plan based on statistical themes.


Executive Coaching

Grounded in cognitive theory, which will guide the process of developing leadership goals and accelerate improvement.

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